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Open data

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share.

Open data is a raw material for the digital age but, unlike coal, timber or diamonds, it can be used by anyone and everyone at the same time.

Any restrictions imposed on the use of open data will limit its potential for creating new value.

Open data can bring diverse benefits to governments, businesses and individuals. It has the power to help improve services, grow economies and protect our planet.

Data categories
Agriculture, fisheries, forestry, food
Farming, agricultural land means of agricultural production, agricultural activity, forestry and fisheries policy, fishing resources, fishing grounds, plant production, processed animal and agricultural produce, food technology, food products
Meteorological/weather, natural environment, deterioration of the environment, waste management, water management, pollution
Transport policy, organisation of transport (means, modes, destination of transport), marine and inland waterway, air and space transport, public transport timetables
Science and technology
Research and intellectual property, genome data, educational activity, experiments and research results
Economy and finance
Economic policy, economic growth, economic structures, monetary relations, financial institutions and credit, financing and investment, budget, taxation, trade and tariff policy, consumption, international trade
Population and social conditions
Demography, composition of population, census data, employment, social policy, housing, health insurance and unemployment benefits, family, social security
Government, public sector
Political structures and frameworks, electoral procedures and voting, election results, legislation and statutes, salaries (pay scales), hospitality/gifts
Health care professions, illness, nutrition data, pharmaceutical data, medical science
Regions, cities
Regions and communities in Europe and the globe, economic geographies, political geographies, overseas territories
Justice, legal system, public safety
Sources and branches of law, organisation of legal systems, legal professions
International issues
International organisations, foreign policy, international agreements, conflict, peace and security, armed forces, military equipment
Data categories
In accordance with the EU regulation, we publish data grouped into the following categories:
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An official, technical, legal, medical, financial, business documents, website translations, certified translations.
Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whispered and telephone interpreting for any kind of event.
Proofreading and editing
–°orrection errors in translation, mistranslation, typographical mistakes or excessively literal translation.
Rewriting and copywriting
Adapting texts and documents to a brand new market and readership, choosing a suitable writing style.
Audio transcription
Conversion of speech (from an audio or video source file) into an electronic text document.
Multilingual subtitles
Transcribing the voice-over and the titles in the video. A synchronization of the subtitles and the video.
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