How it all began...
St. Petersburg was the first city in the Russian Federation
that has developed and applied
a digital operating model of the city

In 2015-2018,
with the participation of the city administration and city organisation,
Institute of Rational Technologies has developed
the inter-industry city resource balance
The purpose of the model was to identify the quantitative relationship of indicators of social and economic development. with volumes of consumption, production, losses, costs and capital investments in city economic in a whole and its individual objects and subjects
There are the next main components included in developed model:
  • equilibrium energy & utilities sectors
  • transport resources balance
  • rating of city contractors by risks & productivity
  • development and implementation of scientific and technical products in the city economy
  • integral indicators of efficiency, reliability and safety calculation & prediction
  • identification of energy saving potential for individual industry & objects
  • assessment of technical and economic feasibility and ranking of measures of investment programs of urban enterprises
  • mathematical model of heat supply
The model was the innovative development, possible to the recommendation and application throughout the territory of the Russian Federation in the framework of the national project (program) "Digital Economy", as well as the departmental project "Smart City"

As a result of the development of the intra-industry balance of St. Petersburg, the cumulative growth potential of economic efficiency in the system of municipal infrastructure and energy in the amount of 35 billion rubles per year was revealed. According to the passenger transportation system, the identified economic potential amounts to 15 billion rubles per year.

The realized effect from the implementation of the inter-sectoral balance model is 10 billion rubles per year.

Digital Twin formed a team which adapts the best practices of St. Petersburg to other cities, including digital city modeling

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